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Welcome to MobileBD LTD.


Mobile BD LTD. is an international distributor and trader of cellular phones and accessories. Our specialties begin with sourcing the industry’s highest quality and most popular models, warehousing in climate controlled environments and trading at the best rates with our trusted partners worldwide. As can be viewed on this site, our focus tends towards popular brand names such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG, and we have recently extended our interests to include other popular names, as Blackberry and Apple.


There is rarely an industry as dynamic in technological advances as with the mobile phone industry. Central to Mobile BD LTD’s success and reputation is the research needed to lead the market. Prediction of value prior to the introduction of new models is work in itself, and an area wholly implemented at Mobile BD LTD.


We at Mobile BD LTD. realize that quality and pricing of products is paramount and, knowing the industry well, that the service of acquiring, shipping and delivering those products without issue directly influences our reputation; it is with this mind that we pay particular attention to presentation of products, service and relationships with our international partners. We encourage you to discover this first-hand by contacting us directly. We promise to provide you the attention your business deserves.